Hebron Mews, Monmouth

Planning Permission has been approved by Monmouthshire County Council for our design of a new mews of 7 homes. The scheme occupies a key location within the centre of Monmouth, tucked between the town’s main high street and principal park. It creates attractive contemporary homes inspired by traditional mews design where cottages would sit above stables.

Securing permission for this challenging brownfield site, currently occupied by a long-disused chapel, involved demonstrating how the proposal successfully resolved complex design challenges. These included Heritage & Conservation, Highways & Parking, Environment & Flood Risk, as well as Urban Design. We fought hard, reflecting the passion we and our client felt for the design, and were successful in persuading Monmouthshire’s planning committee to give it their unopposed support.

Tenacity paid off with a rewarding outcome, unlocking a prime location in Monmouth with a sustainable solution.