Welcome to our studio

Hall + Bednarczyk Architects is a multi-award winning practice, established in 2005, that focuses on progressive modern design for residential, commercial and public architecture. Since formation, the practice has been successful in several competitions for public projects and has secured a number of prestigious commissions from private clients, public bodies and private companies.

The practice aims to create elegant buildings that make appropriate use of advanced materials and construction, while remaining sympathetic to their surroundings. Designs incorporate a thorough examination of environmental issues to reduce energy consumption and derive maximum benefit from natural resources. A significant proportion of projects are set within sensitive contexts, including historic buildings, protected landscapes and conservation areas, but proposals seek to respond creatively to such surroundings, rather than be inhibited by them.

Hall + Bednarczyk’s practice philosophy is to create well-considered modern buildings which enrich their environment and, in doing so, have lasting value.