A Million Days

The Nook features in new Sci-Fi movie, A Million Days.

It was a rare opportunity to attend a world premiere in Leicester Square, London of a new British indie Sci-Fi movie, A Million Days.

Set in 2041, with Earth in environmental jeopardy, The Nook is used as the home of a married couple at the centre of events. The husband and wife, an astronaut and AI scientist, must reach decisions which will determine the course of humanity over the course of a single fateful night.

Filming took place on location in Monmouthshire in early 2022, with interior scenes using an adapted floorplan shot on set in a studio. The August 2023 premiere gave a preview of this tense and cerebral movie ahead of a planned release in US and UK markets in 2024.

We wish the film’s producers, Peardrop Productions, every success following the critical praise given by reviewers, and are delighted to have had a small involvement in this ambitious project.