Home Farm Court

Home Farm Court


Home Farm Court is a converted neoclassical stable building which forms the entrance to a 19th Century model farm in Monmouthshire.

Hall + Bednarczyk have created a bright and spacious home that seeks to re-capture the drama of the original building which had been previously lost in an insensitive conversion. The centrepiece of the rejuvenated interior is a double-height entrance hall which benefits from abundant natural light provided by a Georgian roof lantern. A mezzanine office occupies this space and is accessed via a slender laser-cut steel staircase, which brings a modern refinement to the interior architecture.

The uniquely designed staircase is suspended from above and employs advanced computer design to achieve strength and rigidity from minimal materials. Fabricated largely offsite, the construction is folded from a single sheet of 8mm thick steel.

Complimenting the staircase, a new stainless steel kitchen island reinforces the aim of introducing precision elements into a rustic stone interior. The plan of the two-bedroom dwelling has been transformed with the creation of free-flowing kitchen, dining and lounge spaces. A polished concrete floor incorporating underfloor heating, seamlessly links the ground floor spaces and provides a luxurious take on the buildings origins as a stable.